Monday, November 19, 2018


With almost every new RHEL point release, we hear from users that yum fails with errors. In most cases, this is because the kernel of their distribution has not been updated to the updated version in RHEL. Our yum-plugin-elrepo package takes care of this issue. The details are in our release announcement copied below


yum-plugin-elrepo provides a yum plugin to exclude kmod packages from the yum transaction set which require kernels that are not yet available. provide kmod packages for RHEL and compatible distros. RHEL point releases sometimes break kABI compatibility requiring a rebuild of the kmod package against the latest RHEL kernel.

When this occurs at a RHEL point release, compatible distros such as CentOS and Scientific Linux often have yet to release their corresponding kernels which causes unresolved dependency errors in yum.

This plugin seeks to determine the kernel version that any given kmod package is built against and then determine if the corresponding kernel is available. If the corresponding kernel is not available, the kmod
package will be excluded from the yum transaction set until the required kernel becomes available.

Note: CentOS users will need to enable the CentOS Vault repositories to make previous kernels available to yum otherwise older kmod packages may be excluded.

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