Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kernel-lt Package Sets -- What to Expect for EL5 and EL6

We have recently released [1] the latest update to the kernel-lt
package sets, for both EL5 and EL6.

Those of you who regularly monitor the front page of the Linux Kernel
Archives website [2] will have observed that the linux-3.0.X branch
has now been transitioned to EOL status following the release of the
linux-3.0.101 sources [3]. This action is in full accord with the
information contained within the 'Longterm release kernels' table, as
shown on the 'Active kernel releases' page [4].

As a preparation for this event, the ELRepo Project previously asked
for comments [5] as to which Linux source branch should then be used
for the basis of the kernel-lt package sets. The final decision [6]
was that kernel-lt for EL5 will be built using the linux-3.2.X branch
and kernel-lt for EL6 will be built using the linux-3.10.X branch.

All users who make regular use the kernel-lt packages should be
prepared for the transition that will thus occur with the next update
to the kernel-lt package sets.

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