Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RHEL 6.4 and ELRepo

RHEL 6.4 was released on February 21th, 2013. We have tested our packages against this release and identified a couple of issues. Below is a digest of our note sent to the ELRepo mailing list.  

1. The current OpenAFS kmod package in elrepo (kmod-openafs-1.6.1-2.el6.elrepo) does not weak-link against the new 6.4 kernel. Jack Neely rebuilt the kmod against the new 6.4 kernel (kmod-openafs-1.6.1-5.el6.elrepo) but that package does not in turn weak-link against earlier kernels. So users of 6.3 should continue to use the package in the main repository (kmod-openafs-1.6.1-2.el6.elrepo). When you are ready to update to 6.4, also update kmod-openafs (kmod-openafs-1.6.1-5.el6.elrepo) from the elrepo testing repository at the same time.   

2. Red Hat updated the wireless stack in RHEL 6.4. As a result, there now exists a file level conflict between the kernel-firmware package and the rt2860-firmware and rt2870-firmware packages from elrepo, both providing the same file(s). Users of these devices are advised to uninstall the elrepo drivers and firmware for these devices and revert to the kernel drivers now these devices are supported by the distro.


  1. There have been a few reports of issues with NVIDIA drivers and the 6.4 release. I can confirm that the latest NVIDIA drivers (310.32) and the last legacy NVIDIA drivers (304.64) both work fine with the 6.4 release.

    Older display drivers might have issues as the Xorg ABI was updated to 13.1 in the 6.4 release, so if X stops working check your xorg.log for clues and try updating your graphics drivers if you are using 3rd party drivers.

  2. It was reported that the fglrx driver (including the one in the testing repo) would not work under 6.4.

    We will be building a newer version shortly.

  3. Regarding compat-wireless ... Red Hat backported a lot of functionality into 6.4, and all that functionality now conflicts with the same in the backported compat-wireless effort. So, compat-wireless needs some major patching to restore RHEL6.4 as a build target. Not trivial, and something that needs to happen at compat-wireless, not something for us to undertake.

  4. i've got problem with kmod-alx package on centos 6.4. it's makes kernel panic on boot. i found this problem after update from centos 6.3. Then i tried a fresh install of centos 6.4 and installed kmod-alx manually by downloading the package from elrepo. The result is the same, kernel panic. After i remove the package, the problem disapear.

    1. The current status of the kmod-alx package is found here:

    2. hi, thank for the info.
      So that's mean i need to wait for the updated kmod-alx right?