Thursday, June 7, 2012

ELRepo archives

At ELRepo, we prune older packages to save disk space and keep the repo size from growing forever. Then, from time to time we receive requests for the ones that have been removed.

In response to those requests, we have created a new repository "archive". Any packages  in the elrepo and extras repositories that are older than 21 day old are duplicated there. Not all mirrors carry the archive repo. Currently there are 4 mirrors and they are marked on the mirror list found on our Download page.


  1. I noticed that an archive mirror only had a few more kernel-ml's than a regular mirror. Needing to bisect a driver problem in newer kernel-ml I was happy to find the Coreix mirror, which is keeping an archive of the archive:

  2. Then,How can I install these old ml kernel such as 4.20.13-1 by yum?
    I do not want to download the RPM package and install it locally

    1. Two steps will be required:

      (1) wget

      (2) yum install kernel-ml-4.20.13-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64.rpm