Friday, February 3, 2012

A Kernel-ml Consultation for Enterprise Linux 6

Users of the ELRepo Project will know that its slogan is: "For the community, by the community."

In the spirit of that slogan, a consultation has been started with respect to the kernel-ml packages for Enterprise Linux 6 --
It has recently been suggested to me that the ELRepo Project should
now provide a kernel-ml package set based on the long-term support
linux-3.0.x series rather than the linux-2.6.39.y series.

Having mulled it over for a while, it does make sense to me and so I
have "smiled" at that suggestion. Before I go ahead and implement it,
which will eventually result in the deprecation of the
kernel-ml-2.6.39-4.2.el6.elrepo package set, I would like to hear
opinions / comments from the ELRepo user-base.
Essentially there will be two packages sets available, based on the long-term support linux-3.0.x sources and on the current stable sources. (As of the date of this posting, linux-3.2.y)

Update: Having listened to our users' comments, the kernel-ml-3.0.19.el6.elrepo package set has been built and made available. This package set will be updated in line with the long-term support policy of the Linux Kernel Archives. The existing kernel-ml-2.6.39-4.2.el6.elrepo package set will remain available but its usage is now deprecated.

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  1. Looks like people are in favo(u)r of the long-term support kernel 3.0.x.